Proximity probe transducers are widely used in measuring the static and dynamic distance between the target and the probe. With its high quality, high reliablility, and long life cycle, the TM series proximity probe has been used to measure shaft vibration, radial and axial shaft position, and differential expansion between case and rotor. In addition, the proximity probe transducer can be used for diagnostic purposes, providing solutions to problems that may develop on rotating machinery. Some problems include early shaft crack detection, misalignment of the shaft within the machine casing, rotor imbalance, and abnormal bearing wear. With no moving parts to wear out or degrade, the transducer system can last for extremely long periods of time before requiring calibration or service. This allows installation of the proximity probe transducer during normal machine maintenance outages and connection of the transducers to monitoring and diagnostic equipment at a later time.

Proximity probe transducers system can be compatible with Bently 3300XL, 7200,3000.

The 11mm probe has up to 4mm (180mil) linear range. The probe is excellent choice for accurately measure shaft position with relatively long linear range compared with 8mm probe. TM proximity probe transducer has been designed to meet industrial standard, The system consists of probe, extension cable and driver. In some case, the TM transmitter-monitor can directly interface with probe and extension cable without the need of driver. This makes the field installation much easier. Due to the less components, the reliability has also been increased.

Up to 12mm (500mil) linear range!
The 25mm probe has up to 12mm (470mil) linear range. The probe is designed to measure differential expansion. The TM0120 utilizes advanced technology that integrates the probe, extension cable, and the driver into one integral unit. This integral proximity probe has better linearity and better temperature sensitivity. It's easier for field installations. The TM transmitter-monitor can directly interface with the probe.

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